Sugar Sugar Wax:

Transforming One-off Sales Into Forever Customers Through Educational Content

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Sugar Sugar Wax was having success selling customers their product, but were seeing weaker conversions from one-off to repeat customers. They were hearing through their support line that many recent customers were new to sugar waxing and didn’t know where to start. When they called the support line, many had already waited months before opening the jar.

Although sugar waxing can be easy once you know how to use it, it can have a steep learning curve for some. Without any experience it can feel impossible, as minor differences in the environment can greatly change a customer's experience without them realizing the cause.

The message was clear: customers had to have the guidance to make starting as easy as possible, and their first time sugar waxing needed to be a positive experience with some success or they wouldn't pick it up again. There was an education problem around the product.

I’d produce a package of educational content that would launch with their upcoming brand refresh.

A Tutorial Webpage That Gives Customers Confidence

Sugar Sugar Wax had a tutorial webpage, based on minimal text and videos, but customer support was being asked questions that weren’t covered on the page or had to be inferred.

I pitched a new tutorial page that was based on gifs and text. Media from the photoshoot I produced would be used to edit educational videos for youtube and social media, but would only exist as gifs on the website.

Gifs were perfect for this use case since they isolated the action of each step, and customers could follow along without having to pause and rewind a video.

Producing Multi-Use Media

Media creation, photo, and video shoots are necessary, but expensive and time consuming.

Thanks to part of my career spent working as a producer & editor in LA, I have a lot of experience producing lean, bang-for-buck shoots that efficiently create media for delivery to multiple platforms, often even multiple campaigns.

From a 4 hour photoshoot, we had enough media for gifs for every step on every body part, every social media platform, and 7 educational videos for YouTube

How To Sugar Tutorial Gifs

How To Sugar Video Series

Sugaring Social Media

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