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Swarnav Pujari was looking for a way to find new users for his two startups, Insights and Touchlight.

Touchlight had developed their tech, but needed to find dedicated beta users.

Insights was still being built, but would need to create a network of climate-oriented VC’s and cleantech startups searching for angel investment.

More Than Just a Marketing Funnel

I pitched a freestanding climate-tech news publication that would be newsletter-first and target the “hard side” of the nuclear network: VC’s.

Accompanying website publication, podcasts, social media, and youtube channels would all be structured to support and feed into the newsletter. It would both target climate enthusiasts, with a heavy focus on cleantech investment news, and analytical industry breakdowns.

It was important that Read The Impact was structured as a freestanding publication so it would earn readers trust.

An unexpected benefit to creating Read The Impact as an independent publication was that when Touchlight Innovations sold, the publication and earned audience still lived on for future projects, and allowed Insights to launch successfully with VC’s already on the network.

The Importance of a Newsletter-First Approach

It was also hugely important that it be newsletter-first publication. Firstly since it facilitates a more intimate relationship with readers.

Primarily though, it provided us more fine tuned data on individual readers, so we could more accurately segment readers to introduce them to the more relevant startup (touchlight for climate enthusiasts; Insights for Climate VC’s).

Earning A High-Value Audience With Limited Resources

Working with limited resources and only a few writers meant being strategic with what we published and for whom would be the difference between success and failure.

We identified the nuclear audience needed for Insights to successfully launch, and targeted our content to solve the “hard side” of the users – VC’s.

Although it meant starting with an appeal for a smaller audience, it would be a more valuable one. Read The Impact had over 500 VC’s that were interested in climate tech that opened at least one newsletter a month.

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