Branded Podcasts

Branded Podcast Samples By Ian Sumner
Sr. Producor • Edited • Reported

How We Grew This

This interview-driven podcast will focus on the stories from the challenging early years of building a climate company from the ground up.

Listeners will hear from the teams behind today’s leading climate companies as they struggled with the uncertainty, failures, and success of building a startup in a still-budding industry.
Editor • Consulting Producer

The Green Room

This podcast together top climate founders to share their vision, expertise and journey to build high impact climate companies,and help investors make better funding decisions.
Producer • Editor • Host

Big Feet | The Journey to Net Zero

Follows Ian Sumner's  journey as he interviews experts solving for climate change by focusing on changing consumer behavior.
Editor • Development

Skoll Foundation Podcast | Pilot

I was asked to edit and help develop a new branded podcast for the Skoll Foundation. This is the piolot episode that was pitched as proof-of-concept.
Sr. Producer • Reporter

Juncker In The Bunker

a 2016 live weekly satirical podcast about European Union current affairs. Over it's 6 month run, Juncker In The Bunker become the 5th most popular radio show on Mixcloud.

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